Why Synergy Homes

As a leading MM2H consultancy firm, we are strongly believe in the value of establishing equal partnerships with our clients. We have the ability to provide practical solutions to turn your thoughts, ideas and queries into achievable goals. We will always have your best interests at heart. Our most important objective is for our clients to see us beyond a mere consultancy firm and become their valued and trusted advisor for life.

With our vast experience, we have built a business which does more for our clients in the following ways:

  1. Confidentiality
    We maintain very strict confidentiality with respect to all clients’ information.
  2. One Stop Professional Services
    House purchase, Car import/purchase, Domestic helper, Education, Business investment, Working part time, Medical insurance and report, Pets import, Tax/Duty exemption and more, all under one roof.
  3. Dedicated Expertise team
    Our teams of professionals are specialized, well-trained and experienced in handling for the Malaysia My Second Home program (MM2H).
  4. Results Guaranteed
    We aim to exceed our client’s expectations .
  5. Problem Solving Skills
    As a solution provider, we work closely with our clients to customize our solutions to meet their unique requirements.
  6. Productivity and Efficiency
    As part of the Delivering Quality and Value strategy, we work closely with Malaysia Second Home Centre and ensure all implementation standard are fulfilled from submission to obtaining approvals.
  7. Communication and accessibility
    Our clients know that we are ‘always available’ for them, and enjoy direct points of contact with their designated agent.


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