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A MM2H agent is a licensed sponsor for the Malaysia My Second Home Program (MM2H) approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism.

As your local sponsor, we will assist you in the following applications under the MM2H program:

  1. Act as client’s local contact between the applicant and the MM2H center
  2. Assist in the preparation and submission of clients’ MM2H applications and their families
  3. Continue liaison and follow up with the respective authorities until the receipt of approval/feedback for the application submitted
  4. Assist in the application for extension of stay after  10 years period if required
  5. Assist in the opening of a fixed deposit account with the local bank / financial institution
  6. Assist the applicant to obtain his/her medical report from a local registered doctor
  7. Assist in the application for a local medical insurance policy

As your appointed local sponsor company under the MM2H program, we also undertake to cover the following services if required:

  1. Student pass application for private colleges & universities
  2. Property search – acquiring new or existing residential property
  3. Application for tax/duty exemption for the purchase/importation of personal passenger car
  4. Custom declaration for bringing in your personal belongings from overseas into Malaysia
  5. Foreign maid application
  6. Importation of your pets from overseas
  7. Setting up/invest in business in Malaysia
  8. Conversion of foreign driving license to Malaysian driving license

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