New Application & Procedures

Join MM2H Programme while You are in Your Home Country!

Using an approved MM2H agent submitting application will make the process a lot easier and avoid the need to place a cash security bond (the agent will sponsor you) but of course involves paying the agent their fee. You can join Malaysia My Second Home(MM2H) Programme with your family while residing in your home country. Therefore, you can be assured of your application status until approval obtained at ease.

The following procedures and documents are required to complete the application process, once obtained the MM2H approval, you can start planning a trip with your family come to Malaysia to complete the procedure.

STEP 1: Documents required to apply MM2H Programme as below:

  1. Services Agreement – sign on all pages appointing Synergy Homes (MM2H) as your Agent. (Please contact us directly to obtain this Agreement Form)
  2. Letter of Application – A Cover letter written and signed by main applicant by giving details as below:
    • Personal contact details (address, contact number, email address)
    • Personal background (eg: occupation, educational level) and indicate your intention to join MM2H program (eg: retire, children’s education, travel, buy property etc.)
    • With whom you wish to come ( single or with family)
    • Explain how you will support your stay in Malaysia indicating your financial capabilities
    • Indicate which financial criteria you want to use (eg: cash in bank, monthly income, fixed deposit)
  3. A copy of resume by the main applicant only which includes the following information:
    • Academic qualification
    • Working experience
    • Skills or expertise acquired
  4. One (1) copy of MM2H Application Form.
    Note: Applicant and all dependants have to complete the Form individually
  5. Three (3) copies of IM.12 Form. (Social Visit Pass )
    • Applicant and all dependants have to complete the Form individually
    • One (1) original copy and two (2) photocopies
  6. Four (4) coloured passport size photographs.
  7. Copy of FULL SET Passport (all pages) of main applicant and dependants with certification on the pages with personal particulars.
    • Copy of previous passport is required if applicant/ dependant(s) has renewed his/her passport within the last 12 months
    • Certified colour copy of Photo & Particulars Page – Include colour copies of EVERY page from front to back cover including unstamped/blank pages
    • Please make copies on A4-sized papers
  8. Letter of Good Conduct from relevant government agency or Police Department (Country of Origin or Residence) in ENGLISH.
  9. Self declaration on your/ dependants health conditions – RB I Form.
  10. Certified copy of Marriage Certificate. ( if accompanied by spouse )
  11. Certified copy of Birth Certificate/legal documents. ( if accompanied by children/adopted children/step children/parents )
    • For applicants with children nearing the age 21, they must submit their applications at least 3 months before their children reaches the age of 21
    • Letter of Confirmation from Medical Specialist/General Practitioner (if accompanied by disabled children above 21 years old)
  12. Certified copy of bank statements – (Current/Saving) or Fixed Deposit account showing balance of cash for the LATEST 3 MONTHS. The statement must have the proof of your liquid assets as below:
    • Age above 50 category – minimum MYR 350,000
      Age below 50 category – minimum MYR 500,000
    • Only Main Applicant’s individual accounts OR joint-accounts with legal spouse are acceptable
  13. Certified copy of income statement – Salary pay slip ( If employed), pension slip (if retired), tenancy agreement with bank receipts of rental deposits into bank account (For rental income), bank interests earned or any financial documents showing equivalent minimum MYR 10,000 per month for RECENT 3 MONTHS.
    Note: Latest Personal Income Tax statement showing proof of your annual income equivalent minimum MYR 120,000
  14. Authorization letter from main applicant – Malaysia My Second Home Centre verify the financial documents with the relevant financial institutions.
  15. A copy of Personal Bond if submission through an authorized company. (must be completed and signed by Malaysian who is one of the Board of Directors/Share Holders/managing Director/Manager from the company)
    Note: A Personal Bond is to be made for main applicant only (New application)

STEP 2: We will lodge your application with follow up for your MM2H approval successfully

  1. Upon receiving your documents, we will submit your MM2H file within 5 working days.
  2. Please make sure that all required documents must be in English Language. If not,  we will pass the documents translated into English by authorized translators accordingly, but it may incurred additional charges. All it takes about 7-10 working days to get your documents ready.
  4. Approval meeting will be conducted by MM2H Committee twice a month.
  5. We will notify you once obtained approval letter.

STEP 3: Pre Conditional Approval Letter is issued by The Immigration Unit, MM2H Centre

  1. Once your MM2H approval is ready, we will send you the approval letter by courier. Please present the approval letter and apply an Entry Visa (Calling Visa) for you and your family passport to stamp in Malaysia Embassy / Consulate in your country before visit to Malaysia.
  2. Within 6 months from the date of your MM2H Conditional approval, your family and you need to plan a trip to Malaysia for minimum 3 working days to complete the MM2H Visa procedure.
  3. Once you confirmed your schedule trip to Malaysia, please inform us your arrival date, flight details and hotel accommodation 2 weeks in advance notice.
  4. We will assist you to pre-open a saving account (in your name) in our local bank. The Banker will advise you about your account details and swift code for your transfer of money for the MM2H Fixed Deposit condition before arriving to Malaysia.

STEP 4: Applicants arrive to Malaysia

  1. Once you reached to Malaysia, we will assist you to complete the MM2H procedures involve 3 things to be done as stated in Pre Conditional Approval Letter as below:
    • Purchase Medical Insurance in any insurance company in Malaysia. There are many types of insurance policies you can choose, but a basic medical insurance plan is sufficient for MM2H Programme. For those aged above 60, medical insurance is not required with a Reject Letter obtain from Insurance company.
    • Open the required Fixed Deposit account in any bank in Malaysia for one-year period on an auto renewal basis. You need presence at branch to sign all relevant account opening documents. Once your transfer of fund available in your account, the Fixed Deposit Certificates will be issued accordingly.
    • You are advised to do regular medical check up to stay healthy, Obtain medical report from any private hospital or registered clinic in Malaysia.

STEP 5: Applicants collect The Malaysia My Second Home Visa

  1. The procedure for whole process stated above often complete within 3 working days.
  2. The visa fee payable to Malaysia Immigration Department for the MM2H sticker per passport:
    • Social Visit Pass (MYR 90/year): Social Visit Pass will be given according to the validity of the passport (maximum 10 years)
    • Multiple entry (MYR 30/year – China),(MYR20/year – Taiwan)
  3. The MM2H visa period for all dependants will be according to validity of the main applicant’s passport. Additional payment of Journey Performed Visa (JPV) of MYR 520 per passport is payable to Malaysia Immigration Department for those who need to convert tourist / work / student visa into MM2H visa.

Important Note:

  • After 1 year, participants aged 50 years and above need to maintain the minimum balance of RM 100,000 for every year of stay under this programme and RM 150,000 for participants aged below 50 years.
  • The Authorities do not accept any documents that are being blanked out with liquid paper or any other methods; certified documents should not be altered or changed in any way in comparison to the original documents.
  • Applicants must scan and email us all required documents whichever relevant for our final review prior to delivery the documents to us. We are not responsible for documents delivered to us which are incomplete and without our confirmation that they are sufficient for the MM2H application.
  • Applicants who deliver incomplete documents to us and need us to return them should bear all cost of postage and service for return delivery.
  • When making copies, please do not reduce the sizes from the original documents.
  • The financial requirements stated in our checklist are the minimum figures, we recommend applicants to submit higher amount if possible.
  • Dependent (s) refer to spouse and children aged below 21 years old ( maximum 6 months before reaching 21 years old .eg 20 years 6 months old ) and not married, parent(s) aged 60 years and above.
  • All documents enclosed with the present application become the property of the Malaysia My Second Home Centre.
  • Please address your Cover Letter:
    Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Centre
    Ministry of Tourism Malaysia
    Level 1, No. 2, Menara 1,
    Jalan P5/6, Presint 5
    62200 PUTRAJAYA

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