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  • Question: What are the Documents Required to include Parents into MM2H Programme?


    • Full set of your parent's passport.
    • Proof of relationship with your Birth Certificate
    • Marriage Certificate is required if both parents are applying
    • 3 pcs colour photos (passport size) of your parents

  • Question: What is the next procedure after obtained approval?


    Your parents need to come Malaysia for 3 working days for medical check up and visa stamping. The Medical check up fees will be RM 100 per person and RM 100 - 120 per passport for visa fees (varies according to nationality) .

  • Question: Can my parent-in-law apply?


    We had successfully obtained approval for parent-in-law and the approval depends on case basis at the sole discretion by Malaysia Immigration Department.

  • Question: Parent inclusion visa is given 6 months renewal basis,what happen when the visa is due?


    You can renew the visa at Malaysia Immigration Department for another 6 months visa before the expiry date.

  • Question: what if visa renewal for next 6 months did not renew before due date?


    The parent needed to pay for Journey  Performed Visa (JPV) of RM 520 in additional to the visa fee.

  • Question: Can my parents work under MM2H visa?


    No, they are not allow to work under MM2H visa.

  • Question: Is Malaysia My Second Home Programme (MM2H) an immigration project?


    No. MM2H Visa is a 10 Years Social Visit Pass with Multiple Entry Visa. Successful applicants will be issued MM2H visa as long as the holders do not violate the rules and regulations of the Immigration Department of Malaysia. The MM2H visa is renewable / extendable at the end of the 10-year period provided you fulfill all criteria set forth by the Immigration of Malaysia.

  • Question: Who may apply for Malaysia My Second Home Programme (MM2H)?


    For those senior citizens who intend to stay in Malaysia for a long period, business-men or someone who wish Malaysia as their second home, those parents who have their children studying in Malaysia, investors or those who have their own properties in Malaysia.

  • Question: What are the benefits after joining into MM2H Programme?


    For children, the convenience to enjoy high quality International education in primary, secondary school or college and university, at a lower cost. For adults,  travel overseas without visa required and buying freehold housing properties. For the elderly, Malaysia offers high-quality social facilities at a reasonably low cost, beautiful natural environment suitable for retirement life.

  • Question: How easy is it to move to Malaysia for life?


    According to MM2H Programme, i do not need to follow in accordance with the established required procedures for immigration processing like other countries. Kindly just submit application form with relevant documents, i can move to abroad for life after 3 months.

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